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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Aston Hall

1.2 went to Aston Hall to learn about the Great Fire of London.

We learnt that the  Great fire of London started in Pudding Lane.

Ugnius dressed up as Thomas Farriner. Thomas Farriner was the man who started the fire. Hanna dressed up as one of the servants.
Samuel Pepys wrote about the Great Fire of London in his diary.

We went into the Long Room to learn how the fire spread across London.

 Samuel Pepys buried his belongings to protect them from the fire.

Do you know what this was used for?

We learnt how the people tried to put out the fire.

Ayyan was King Charles II
In the afternoon, we took part in a variety of  activities.

We had lots of fun exploring the grounds and looking for different leaves.



Challenge Poster

We have a new challenge poster in our classroom.

If you have an answer to any of the problems, write it on a post-it note with your name and stick it on the poster. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Olympian Visit

We were very lucky to by visited by Jo Jackson, an Olympic swimmer.  We had lots of fun taking part in different exercises. 


We have been learning about different materials and their properties. Which materials can you see around our school?

Can you describe them?